Emotion vs. Feeling: How to Evoke More from Readers

By: Writer’s Digest, David Corbett, Award Winning Author and Guest Columnist, Author of The Art of Character The difference between writing emotion and writing feeling is more one of degree than kind. Feeling is emotion that has been habituated and refined; it is understood and can be used deliberately. I know how I feel about … More Emotion vs. Feeling: How to Evoke More from Readers


        An Actual Dr. Seuss Cartoon – 1941 This cartoon is amazing.  You know what history says don’t you?  “History is Bound to Repeat Itself, If Good Men and Women Do Nothing!” ***Remember this? Thousands of Jewish immigrants fleeing from Nazi concentration Camps in 1941 were denied entry in to America and … More DR. SUESS

EVIL SPEAKS – An Interview With Author S. Woffington

INTERVIEW WITH SANDRA WOFFINGTON, author of Evil Speaks, book #1 in the Warriors and Watchers Saga, an epic mythological fantasy series released February 2017 Early reviews: “Be prepared to be engrossed! Between the awesome fight scenes, in-depth characters, and all the creatures, your son or daughter won’t want to put this book down! . . … More EVIL SPEAKS – An Interview With Author S. Woffington


  She, A being unfolding in the light of knowledge, A child of life forever opening windows, To the world, And lighting candles in dark passages, She, Searches in clouds of gray for the color of truth, And the touch of truth upon her soul, She, A glistening aura, a tremble with wonder, At all … More SHE


Fanciful days, Alluring nights, Mingle, With neon city lights, Salty breezes tease, And trespass within, Without warning, Through dreamy sleeps And wakeful hours, She finds her days, Are lived in thoughts, Of days gone past, Of a youth, That did not last.  

Ecstatic Moments!

Life has two ecstatic moments, One when the spirit catches, The sight of truth, The other is when it recognizes, A kindred spirit… Perhaps it is only in the land of truth That spirits may, Discern each other; as it is when they Are helping each other on, That they may best hope to arrive. … More Ecstatic Moments!

Dying to Live

She is weak, She is strong, Her  heart beats wildly, It no longer beats at all, She can stand tall, She has no feet at all, Her tears run rivers, Her rivers run dry, She thinks she can live forever, She knows she going to die, She  lost all hope, She  believed in all, She … More Dying to Live