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Book Promotion this week: Free Garrett’s Bones for 5 days! I would love a review. Feedback is very welcomed!  Thank you! K. D. 🙂




“In Garrett’s Bones, a genre novel by K. D. Dowdall, we are presented with a historical thriller, with complex overtones of supernatural intrigue and a dash of romance. At the heart of this story are two young people who set out to clear their names the only way they know how, and in a way, that gets them more enmeshed in darkness. The narrative is tightly woven and compelling, moving at a fast pace while still allowing the reader to experience a true depth of characterization as they develop a full appreciation of the events as they take place. The chapters are nicely paced, with enough meat to make them satisfying but not so ponderous as to make it difficult to keep track of the narrative as it develops.  Writer’s Digest,  Judge 11”


Author’s Description

A haunting tale of young love, mystery and murder. Anna and Garrett are ordinary teens growing up in a small farming community in Connecticut in 1960. One day they find themselves as suspects in the horrific killing of a young girl named Sarah Smith. Anna and Garrett happened upon the ravaged body of a young girl while hiking through their beloved and possibly haunted forest. They are more than witnesses to the crime scene as suspicion falls heavily on Garrett because he is considered different. Together, Anna and Garrett search for clues to find the killer as the ghosts of the past collide with the present evil.  They both realize it will be up to them to fight the evil that has taken over their loved ones, their community, and their beloved forest, even if it means losing their own lives.

Delphi Altair Third Edition 11-2015 sample - Copy




“This author is extremely talented. Hopefully, she will continue to write because her ideas in this story show excellent ….this author will stand out. ”

A review by,  Kirstin Lenane, author “The Scare: A Halloween Story

“Simply put: this exceptional epic fantasy novel,by K.D. Dowdall, is beautifully done and should be picked up by any fan of epic fantasy stories.I am very impressed by Dowdall’s ability to weave together so many characters and story-lines into a cohesive whole, it reminded me of the way Dickens and Tolkien are so deftly able to do this. The story takes place mostly in three settings: in a briny, seaside town sometime in the past, in a beautifully evocative land called Janji, and then in a familiar-seeming town sometime in the present day. Whether Dowdall is evoking other worldly magical creatures or earthly ones, her scenes are drawn with such detail that they will pull you in, time and time again. I highly recommend this book. You’ll be hooked and waiting for the next one.”

Author’s Description

On the day of her mother’s funeral, Megan Donnelly finds a mysterious package on her dresser wrapped in faded brown paper and twine.  She has no idea where it came from or how it got there.  Despite her grief, Megan finds herself drawn to the bundle of faded brown paper and twine.   Inside the package, Megan finds a leather-bound journal that appears to be as old as the hills. Megan discovers that the journal is a cautionary tale about a strange girl named Delphi Altair.  Delphi lives with her foster parents in an old Sea Captain’s Manor. For the young girl, Delphi Altair, the situation at her foster parent’s home has gone from bad to worse as Delphi discovers dangerous alien creatures are trying to kidnap her or worse. Donovan, a new student at her school, befriends Delphi and together with Nikkos, an Alien Watcher sent to protect Delphi, embark on a treacherous journey into the unknown.  Megan, fascinated by the journal, comes to realize Delphi’s mysterious quest is more than a story, it is terrifyingly real and Megan is somehow involved. Megan’s life is about to change in ways she could never have imagined.



























9 thoughts on “K.D.’s Published Novels

  1. Hi Karen,
    I’ve enjoyed reading here so much. I wish I had found you earlier. I’d like to purchase Garrett’s Bones but I’m wondering if I can get it in print. I have trouble reading long documents online. Thank you for your many wonderful thoughts and encouraging comments. Best to you in all you dream ❤ Laine


  2. Hello Laine Anne, it is so good to hear from you and I am so happy that you will comment on different blogs still. I wish I had found you earlier too. Yet, as they say, better late than never! Yes, you can purchase my book, Garrett’s Bones on Amazon too by going to the book section of Amazon. I have no idea why it is not included with the ebook section. I really must say something to them about this problem. I thrilled that someone of your talent is interested in reading something I wrote. I am a beginner, so please take that into consideration. Oh Gosh, I feel so honored and scared at the same time. You know, I am just waiting to buy your book of poetry and your stories in book form as well. Would it be okay for be to sometimes reblog some of your stories that you have on your blog?
    I think everyone would like that too. Your friend, Karen


    1. Hi Don, thank you! Some of the poems, published here, I have written for my next novel and as you can guess, a romantic novel, The Witch of His Dreams to be published later this year. It is a time travel saga from the 21st century to the 17th century and back again. A story of true love lost and through time perhaps, found. Karen

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