Have you seen

The Moon at noon?

As a pale reflection,

A mere cartoon?

Does it make you

Wonder why?

While stealthily gazing

At the sky?

Why the Moon,

Does seem to follow,

The yellow Sun,

Like a silver shadow?

With a secret smile,

Upon its face,

Does it mean

To take its place?

Could you contend,

With a silver light,

When the dawn breaks,

At daylight?

And could you see,

The stars so bright,

Through a yellow Sun

At Midnight?

Alas, whom among us,

Would then wish to croon,

Amis so much confusion,

A tune to the Moon?

So, when you gaze,

Upon the Moon at Noon,

Say a Silent Prayer,

Not to make it soon!

                                                        Karen Ann DeMers (c) 1984





19 thoughts on “THE MOON AT NOON

    • Debby, thank you so much for your lovely comment and the image too. I am going to focus more on my poetry. To date, I have been helping a great poet, “Timothy M. DiVito” a wonderful romantic poet and a great friend, with his poetry book (putting it all together for him). We all need help sometimes. I will help him published it in December. I have been out of town much of the last two months. We went to Hilton Head Island for on vacation and we just came back from Key West (I love Key West). We had a wonderful time and the weather was fabulous. I did a lot of swimming (one of my favorite things to do). If you should ever decide to go there, you won’t be disappointed. It is wonderful.

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    • Debby, thank you so much. I am sorry that this thank you is so late. Dave and I and my twin sister and her husband spent time in Hilton Head Island and then a few weeks later we went to Key West. I love Key West! it is a wonderful place to relax, have fun, and truly enjoy the turquoise water and all the palm trees, buildings, shopping (low cost of everything – just wonderful). The history is fascinating and I bought a book about it. It was a woman who made Key West in the 1700s really what it is today.

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  1. Arg, I just left a long reply and it got lost :(. I’m glad you had a great trip, I noticed your absence. Good on you for living it up while in lockdown lol. You have a kind heart. ❤ Poetry soothes the mind. x


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