21 thoughts on “Book Review: The Captain’s Witch

    • Roberta, thank you so much, but just keep in mind if you decide to read, it is a historical time-slip romance with romantic moments and that is a first for me. I almost removed these romantic interludes, but my beta readers said they were important for the romance and not over the top at all – they even laughed at my suggestion. 🙂

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      • Roberta, is this a new rule from Amazon? That doesn’t seem quite fair to all your other followers who are from many places and will read and review your excellent novel Nethergate (the title alone is fantastic.) You also know that you and I cannot do a review on Amazon for each other. They will know we are friends and that is a no-no, however, there is still Goodreads, WP, Facebook, and many other venues that we can post each others review. I think that Goodreads is excellent anyway. Karen 🙂

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      • I don’t know if this is a new Amazon rule or not, Karen. I used to be able to post to Amazon UK but now I can’t. Fortunately, Amazon US reviews also show on Amazon UK. I post all my reviews to Amazon and I do lots. I haven’t had a problem to date and like to believe they are balanced and fair reviews.

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      • Roberta, I am sure without a doubt that you would always do honest and fair reviews. It would never occur to me that you would do otherwise. You have a strong set of convictions that shines through everything you say and do. I trust your word implicitly, my friend. Karen 🙂

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