R.I.P. Cokie Roberts ~ 1943 – 2019

Cokie Roberts passed away from breast cancer and leaves a legacy of critical thinking in politics from a conservative prespective. Although, she could just as quickly condoned a few liberal prespectives as well. She was a woman a head of her time. Her intellect will be sorely missed by all.

By Hook Or By Book


Legendary journalist, author and historian, Cokie Roberts has passed away due to complications of breast cancer. She won numerous awards over the course of her career including three Emmys, and in 2008 was named a “living legend” by the Library of Congress. She was one of  the “Founding Mothers of NPR” and they tweeted this morning: “Roberts helped shape the public broadcaster’s sound and culture at a time when few women held prominent roles in journalism.” For me, Cokie Roberts was everything fair and responsible about journalism, and she was someone who inspired me to be a better person and speak out if I saw an injustice taking place. The world needs more women like her. She will be missed.

Here is my basic approach to life. I am a totally unpartisan human being. I don’t care which party has the right ideas—or which party has the wrong ideas. I…

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