Delphi Altair Strange Beginnings A Big Surprise From Amazon


About an hour ago my twin sister, Kathy Lauren Miller, called me and she was so excited. I said “calm down, what in the world are you going on about!! She excitedly told me that one of my books, Delph Altair Strange beginnings was being promoted by Amazon. So, with quite a bit of Shock and Awe…I said “What?   What do you mean?”

“I mean,” she said. “That Delphi Altair came in the Weekly in her  email today.”  So, she sent me a copy of the Amazon Ad and I will include it here. I was so shocked. With so many millions of books, I thought, oh my gosh. Well, this may not be earth-shattering news to most, but it was to me.

There were six books advertized/promoted (one of which I am going to buy) I really thought that probably most of my books would end up in Book Heaven and when I calculate the number of people that will see my book cover and the description underneath the title. WOW. That is exciting.



22 thoughts on “Delphi Altair Strange Beginnings A Big Surprise From Amazon

    • Andrew, thank you so much! i hope dearly that you win that award! And maybe someday I will win an award for Delphi Altair Strange Beginnings ( my first book that I ever wrote) and it is a great story and it is part of a trilogy that I haven’t written Book 2 and Book 3 yet. I was sidetracked by my obession to write The Captain’s Witch. It is a paranomal time travel love and war story with a true love romance too. It is also historical. I loved writing this novel.

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    • Roberta, thank you and it was such a shocking surprise. I have two more books to write about Delphi Altair, it is a trilogy. And now, I am excited about writing them and I am starting tomorrow at the Beach! (by kind of fun). Have a great Friday the 13th weekend. Karen Anna 🙂

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      • I started writing 3 years earlier than you and so soon you will catch up to me book wise. I didn’t even have a blog for my first two books. Please keep in mind, it is not how many, it is the quality of the books. One of my books, “The Secret of the Stone Arch” needs to be rewritten. I listened to other people give me advice and did not follow my heart – well never again will I do that. Lesson learned. Hence, I learned to 1. follow my heart 2. keep lots of notes 3. Always write the ending first (so you know where you are going) and 4. Always remember that you, yes you, are a very gifted writer! Everyone knows that about you! You have a great future. I have learned things from you, by the way, just reading your writing and I love your style of writing and genre. Karen Anna 🙂

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  1. Delphi is a pleasure to write and bascially I already know the stories for Book 2 The Star Map and Book 3 The Ghost Planet. It is just having the time to write them that is difficult, but they are now my priority along with the Sisters of the Fey. 🙂


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