Crisps and cold rice pudding

This beautiful memory story, by Sue Vincent, brought back memories of my own grandmother and how she always made special food and desserts for all of us. Your grandmother had a beautiful smile and her eyes just sparkled in the photo you shared. This, your childhood memory of your grandmother is so charming, winsome, and heartfelt. Thank you so much for sharing.

Sue Vincent's Daily Echo

Appalling isn’t it? I can cook from here to Bombay, but do I? No. At least, not for me. I cook daily for my son at his home, but here, the dog eats better than I do… she, at least, reminds me twice a day without fail to fill her bowls with something decent.

I live mainly on coffee unless I have visitors, with the odd foray into the larder every now and then in search of something I can nibble while I work. Which is where the packet of crisps materialised… and the rice pudding.

I was going to write about that.. then I remembered that I already had done so, some time ago.. so, as I am up-to- the- eyeballs busy and none too well either, I thought I might share the memories again… cold rice pudding takes me back a very long way…

When I was a…

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