Once Upon a Time….


Thursday photo prompt: Frozen #writephoto


Her frozen heart,

Struggles to beat,

Her secrets are carried there.

Grasping at straws,

She struggles to breath,

A heart is so tender,

So easily broken.

Her heartache she veils,

So no one will know,

The grief that she feels,

Within her frozen heart.

                          by Karen DeMers Dowdall







20 thoughts on “Her Frozen Heart #writeprompt

  1. Lovely, romantic, and melancholy, Karen. A wonderful take on the prompt. ❤

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    1. Diane, thank you so much and I love your comment. It is true, so often romance and melancholy seem to go hand and hand. Karen Anna

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  2. Ah, but a frozen heart has the capacity to be melted.

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    1. Liz, I love your comment! That is so true. Thank you! Karen Anna 🙂

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  3. delphini510 says:

    Beautiful and sad at the same time. Hearts get broken but I agree with Liz,
    A frozen heart will thaw when the warm wind touches.


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    1. Miriam, I agree with Liz too. Yes, a broken heart will mend in time, but some broken hearts can never heal. It depends on what broke the heart. With the lost of a child, the heart lives on, but never really heals.

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  4. frenchc1955 says:

    Karen, a beautiful poem!

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    1. Charles, thank you so much. Karen Anna

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      1. Didi, thank you so much! I hope your book sales are doing fantastic. I am busy writing another series and just posted my time-slip historical fiction, The Captain’s Witch.

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  5. Sue Vincent says:

    Lovely, but oh, so sad, Karen. Love the almost circular feel to this poem though.

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    1. Sue, yes, I know very sad. Thank you for the lovely compliment and I feel so much better already. 🙂 I am reacting to personal and world situations that make me very sad, but I recoup quickly, I hope. Karen Anna 🙂

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      1. Sue Vincent says:

        I can understand that, karen, there is much grief in the world at the moment. Hugs.

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      2. Sue, thank you for understanding, it is hard not to be sad and live with a sense of helplessness. I only hope that 2020 with be different. Karen 🙂

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      3. Sue Vincent says:

        I think that ia laregly up to us, Karen.


      4. Sue, you are so right, it is up to us and we can change it! And, we will change it. 🙂


      5. Sue Vincent says:

        Every one of us an make a differnece, no matter how small…and they all add up.


      6. Sue, yes we can…all of us.

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    1. Oh Sue, I have tried so hard to do that link so you wouldn’t have too and it does show a link…but if you didn’t get it on your blog…where is it going??? A mystery. I feel like such an idiot but I won’t give up. Karen 🙂


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