Off to Canada to Visit Family

This may be my last post until we return from Canada. Apparently, We are going to visit lots of beaches and different sites along the way. So, I am going to post some pictures here now of the places we may be taken to see along the way. They did say we are going to visit lots of beaches. I will try to stay in touch along the way. Karen 🙂


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Karen DeMers Dowdall

Karen DeMers Dowdall was born in West Hartford, Connecticut. She has lived in Taiwan, Saudi Arabia, and England. Karen has a PhD, MSN, BSN, RN in Nursing from Florida Atlantic University. “Books of every genre teach us about life, how we think, and view the world." She has written poems and little short stories since she was a child. Karen loves art, she enjoys drawing, painting in oils, pastels, colored pencils, and doing portraiture. She has also taken ballet, Jazz, and modern dance since she was three years old and owned her own dance studio.

22 thoughts on “Off to Canada to Visit Family

    1. Liz, thank you and we did have a wonderful time; swimming in lake Ontario (beautiful with the bluest water, clear, clean and so refreshing). We visited the wineries near Niagra Falls (the wineries of Canada – fabulous!) and so much more.

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  1. Bonne voyage mon amie!
    Give my love to Canada. I’ve had some good memories of my visits there. BTW, which beach was in the photos?


    1. Those are several different beaches and we went to lake Ontario near the Wineries of Canada (near Niagra Falls). Just beautiful. I don’t know the names of the beaches, but probably near the same area. I will ask my husband’s son. We had the best time and the water is so blue, clean and so lovely. We also toured the wineries, I love Canada too!

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      1. All my time in Canada was in the west. Grandma was living in BC and there were two aunts and one had four children the other three. We went to English Bay a lot and there was another beach we went to with Aunt Pat called Kitsilano. Uncle Ted and their four would string out nets and catch the fish runs and we grilled them on the beach. Aunt Lee and her family owned the food concessions for the Royal Canadian Shows so we would travel and work around the area from Vancouver’s PNE to Squamish for the loggers convention, Penticton for the Peach festival and I can’t forget Calgary and the Stampede…


      2. Wow, Lea, how wonderful! Oh my gosh, a great way to growup with so many friends and family. As well as to do the nets and the fish run. What an amazing life you had growing up. What wonderful traveling adventures too. It is so beautiful there. I love that west coast of Canada, although I have only been to Calgary once and just across the boarder only. I lived in California for two years, San Rafeal, but my stepfather had lots of relatives near the border and we too went beach fishing with nets. Please explain the Calgary Stampede – wow!

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      3. The Calgary Stampede is a massive, world famous rodeo. However, I never got past the fairway there. My grandmother and Aunt Lee were lovely but the rest of the family are right out of a Stephen King novel.


      4. Karen, I never knew anyone in the “family” who wasn’t a scene from a King film until 2005. I found some family on my father’s side (Swedes) They knew about me but like everyone else they were afraid of “the mother.” C’est la vie. Now I am just a tough old bird… 😉

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    1. Debbie, we were located near the Wineries near Niagra Falls where my husband’s son is a CFO of a beautiful winery and I had some Ice Wine – it was delicous. We swam in Lake Ontario and the water is so blue, fresh, and clean. I love Canada. The scenary is beautiful when driving through some of the near by countryside. I love the multi-culture nature too, in Canada. We had a wonderful time.

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      1. Liz, yes we did have a wonderful time with my husband’s son, Paul and his two beautiful children. We swam together and searched for interesting pebbles and small stones. I love searching for stones that have fossils embedded in them. I have collected stones since I was little. Karen

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