Sue Vincent’s #writephoto prompt: Open










All the doors where open when I arrived for my job interview. I thought it was quite strange, but perhaps their air conditioning was broken or maybe they liked fresh air. I like fresh air, so why not?

    I called out, “hello?” but there was no response and then I thought, maybe they are out to lunch or having a meeting in a closed door environment for privacy. It could be for a dozen different reasons. “I am not about to be worried,” I told myself, “am I…worried?”

“Oh, of course not,” I said. Just walk on in, I thought, and introduce yourself. But then, I pictured what might be going on…after all…I have been patiently waiting here for a good forty-five minutes and not a sound have I heard. Hmmm. What could possibly be going on? Maybe they left for lunch? I looked at my watch, probably not, I though, since it is only ten-thirty in the morning, and my interview was for 9 o’clock sharp, they said.

Okay, enough is enough, I thought. I will walk right in. I hesitantly stepped over the threshold with one foot and then stepped back again. I asked myself…what would someone else do?  So, instead of walking in, I called out again. “Hello? Is anybody there?”  I waited for a response. None came. Hmmm…well, maybe I should just go home. Maybe, they have left me a phone message.

I made my way home, and put down my resume, purse, and took off my shoes. I decided to wait until they called me. The very next morning, I opened the morning newspaper as usual. I was shocked. Apparently, they were tied up and robbed yesterday morning, and the robber had just left them tied up and gagged.

Fortunately, they were unharmed, just scared to death. I realized that the robber might have seen me waiting and I hoped I wasn’t in trouble. Suddenly, I heard a knock on the door. I wasn’t expecting anyone at that time of the morning, and didn’t answer the door. I decided not to leave my apartment for a couple of days and didn’t answer the phone or the door.

To my regret, it wasn’t the thief, and why I should regret that I don’t know, but the person at the door was the boss I was to be interviewed by and by the time I called them to explain, they had already hired someone else. Nonetheless, I felt sure I had done the right thing. I can always get a job, but not a new life. “Better safe then sorry,” my mother would always say…and she would be right.


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