That Old Familiar Feeling…

I hear you. Loving a pet is no different than loving a cognitive personality, a child or even an adult, to those that know them and love them and to others that just love most animals – including human animals. Jinx’s photo shows obvious understanding of humans, he even thinks we don’t understand how the world really works, especially, that most people don’t even know how very cognitive he is. He is amazing. I just had to look into his eyes to know him.

Wicked Witch of the Mid-West

When your familiar is sick the world stops.

Saturday I notice my faithful familiar was not his usual talkative self. He didn’t adhere to his set schedule. When I say his set schedule, I do mean HIS. Jinx is the master of the house and he determines how things are done.

He didn’t greet me first thing in the morning to ‘inspect’ the bedroom while I prepared for the day. He didn’t talk me through the number of morning treats he deserved. He didn’t greet me at the door when I arrived home. He didn’t demand ‘good stuff’ for the clowder Sunday night. He just wasn’t Jinxy Jinx over the weekend.

Then, Monday night, came home and he wasn’t eating or drinking. He was drooling all over himself. Just looking absolutely miserable. I am not one who can see an animal in distress and not want desperately to save it…

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4 thoughts on “That Old Familiar Feeling…

    • Roberta, thank you so much. I don’t think that many humans appreciate or understand how cognitive snd sentient animals really are. They are far more sensitive to life around them than many humans are. Yet, they are often treated like toys as though animals, we call pets, have no feelings of their own.


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