Release Day JUSTICE FOR BELLE!! #CreativiaPub #NextChapterPub

Congratulations to Didi Oviatt for her newly released Mystery Thriller. I have read several of Didi’s mystery thrillers and this one is bound to be great too!

Didi Oviatt -Author

As cliche as it is to say ‘shout from the rooftops’ I was pretty damn tempted this morning to climb a ladder onto my house and let my entire suburb know all about the release of my latest novella!! Then I remembered that I’m a little clumsy, it rained last night on my metal roofing… and I don’t have a ladder. So, I guess that’s out.

yes-3100993__340I suppose I’ll settle for a blog shout out and share it like crazy, in hopes that it’s a loud enough shout to turn a few heads! I’m SO EXCITED to share this bite sized read with the world, I can’t even contain it right now! To make things even better today, I get to finish painting a freshly built chicken coop at my in laws house, and get rid of the smelly birds that have been taking up residence in my garage for…

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