#WritePhoto The Language of Trees

What a stunningly beautiful poem that means more than mere words; trees are the life giving oxygen we breathe, and they are in grave danger, and so are all humans on earth.

Kathy Lauren Miller

Trees speak to us

In the bursting green of buds

In the rustle of leaves

In the sway of branches

In the changing of colors

In the life-giving essence

we breathe

In the billowing shade

we shelter

In the roots spreading

Deep and wide

Connecting to nature

And to us

All for one and one for all

The living planet

Are we listening?

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14 thoughts on “#WritePhoto The Language of Trees

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    • I do too, my sister, who wrote that poem, literally lives in a forested mountain resort, Big Canoe. It is a beautiful place and it is like living in a forest in big beautiful homes, lakes, boating, and everything. They love it there. I, on the other hand, love trees too, but I love lots of blue sky and starry nights. so although we have lots of big trees in the area, I chose an open vista with lots of sky. I love watching the sky and how it changes from morning to night. My very first memory was looking at the sky. My sister’s was remembering forests. Karen 🙂

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