New Novel by Karen DeMers Dowdall










Soon to be published, this historical time-slip paranormal fiction novel, begins with Sara Windsor Knightly, a modern day Wiccan (a mostly herbal witch), who inherits a 17th century colonial manor in a small colonial town in Connecticut. She turns the manor into a bed and breakfast Inn. Sara discoveries that the house is also haunted by Scottish ghosts who mostly behave themselves.

There is also a ghost witch who was burned at the stake, in 1690, and the ghost witch, a long dead relative of Sara’s, Alice Windsor Hall, wants Sara to rescue her small daughter, Clara, from terrible danger created by a wicked Alchemist posing as a minister, by going back in time to 1690. Sara believes she can’t change the past and will not agree to that request. Soon, however, Sara finds herself transported through time with Captain Christian Windsor-dead for 325 years.

Captain Windsor was a gentleman farmer from 1690, who was also a British Captain in the British Colonies of America during wartime. Captain Windsor was killed in the war of 1690 in Colonial America. He was in charge of a British Brigade during King William’s War of the League of Augsburg against the French occupation of land in British Colonial in America. The French, with the assistance of the Abenaki Indians from Maine, who were against the British for taking their ancestral lands in Maine, chose to fight with the French against the British Colonials in America.






36 thoughts on “New Novel by Karen DeMers Dowdall

    • Pete, thank you so much. I wrote it hoping that both male and female readers would like to read it. However, there are witches, a wicked alchemist, a ghost or two and a love story. I did a lot of research and the war event is factual with a few real people of that time period in 1690. Thank you so much for your lovely comment and greatly appreciated. Karen πŸ™‚


    • Yes, many people know what a Wiccan is, especially people who would be interested in reading a historical time-slip fiction novel with witches. a ghost or two, war, three cultures, language used at that time, and American Indians. The blurb is only temporary, I will do a short synopsis today. My book cover designer liked this cover so much that she published it on Facebook yesterday evening, and so, I had to quickly publish it on WP, and write something quickly – it was 11:30 PM last night. Thank you for congratulating me on this book. It includes historical events, language, and several real people who lived at that time. I did lots of research for this novel, but only used what was necessary. It is mainly a love story with real events during 1690, a ghost or two, several witches, a war, and much more. Roberta, thank you so much, I greatly appreciate your comment, Karen πŸ™‚

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    • Mike, thank you so much, and I will need lots of luck. I wrote this novel that I hope will appeal to both sexes. Included in this book is a good witch, a wicked alchemist, a ghost, Indians, Indian raid. colonials, war, British military, lots of adventure, danger, and a love story, as well as a witch burning. I have used real events, several real people who were part of that time period, and the language in use at that time. I loved writing this book, although it took so much research of events, language used, and cultures of American Indians, Scots, and British. I now have enough research and knowledge to write another historical fiction. Maybe next year. I am now writing two other books. A second book in series, and a stand alone romance book. I need lots of luck and a few prayers. Karen πŸ™‚

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    • Debby, I hope so, and readers who love historicial time-slips, witches, ghosts, and a love story, hopefully, will like this book. I have two male beta readers…and they tell me that they think it is a great book (of course one of them is my husband, Dave.) Karen πŸ™‚

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      • Debby, I am hoping and trying to be positive…I really don’t have a clue…it could be a complete dud…but the cover is very nice. It is always stressful when there is a bigger chance of failure than success, but we never know until we try. By the way, I went to your blog and twitter this morning and I think your book, “Words We Carry” is something I want to read. Karen πŸ™‚

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      • I think as authors, we all go through those stages of self-doubt Karen, whether our first book or our 10th. We just have to follow our hearts and follow our passion. πŸ™‚ x

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      • Debbie, I will try, and thank you for your positive attitude…it helps a great deal…right now I would like to pretend..that I don’t know K.DeMers Dowdall! (hahaha) Just kidding! πŸ™‚

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  1. Yes…will do! Oh, one more thing…after you promote it, Debbie will too and I am so greatful that I have just wonderful, caring friends. I feel blessed. Thank you so very much! Karen πŸ™‚


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