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Ruth Ann Nordin, writer and author, has written a very important post about publishing and self-publishing in today’s crazy book market. I believe she has made some very salient points of interest that may or may not effect authors and self-publishing. All-in-all, I do believe there will be a decline in self-publishing. This may be a good thing for serious writers or a bad thing.

Also, there is the problem of KU (Amazon Kindle Unlimited) – putting up a book cover without a bound book and that has led to scammers flooding the market.  Thank you, Ruth Ann for a great post about a subject that effects all authors whether self-published or traditionally published.

Ruth Ann Nordin's Author Blog

I’ve been taking in what authors have been discussing in author groups and speaking privately with a couple of author friends. My gut feeling has been telling me that I better make plans on what I should do when self-publishing is no longer the best venue for publishing. I wish I could dig up a comment someone had made back in 2010 about trends in publishing because what he said seems to be playing out in front of me. But one thing he said was that self-publishing would take off for a while, and then there would be a point where it went into decline. From the decline would come the resurgence of traditional publishers.

I have to admit, I thought that guy had a gloomy outlook on things at the time. Nevertheless, his words had stuck with me over the years, and the more I look around at what’s…

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7 thoughts on “The Decline of Self-Publishing

    1. Didi, yes and although I have never written about my concern about self-publishing, it has dawned me that there are so many Kindle submissions with not even a paperback, and I found that some of them where paraphrased novels by more successful writers, and these people are scammers, as well as those people who write 50-to-100 pages and call it a novel (Kindle).

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      1. Agreed all around 🤔


  1. Thank you Karen. This post confirms a lot of my own learning experiences. Thankfully, I left KU early on, although I had no idea about the prevalence of scammers.

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    1. Brigid, you are the smart one here. I am considering changing my marketing to other venues. There are so many scammers now on Amazon. Very disturbing for sure. Thank you for your great comment. Karen 🙂

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  2. Whatever continues to happen in publishing only means one thing: KEEP WRITING. We can’t be ready for any changes if we don’t have our stories ready to tell…

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    1. KC, don’t you worry, I just finished my four novel, and I am working on another one. I write for the love of writing and nothing will stop me – no matter what happens. Karen 🙂


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