Of What Is Trump Afraid?

“Why is Trump afraid of Mueller testifying? If he is innocent, then he should have nothing to fear. If he is guilty, then he is trying to stop justice” written by Professor Charles F. French.

I know, speaking for myself, that many writers and authors are afraid they might lose readers and book sales or be sanctioned in someway, so you may not want to take a stand one way or the other. I don’t think that is what would happen. The truth is, is that most people who love to read see the danger out there and would feel more secure in their lives, if more authors spoke up – one way or another. Thank you.

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I typically try not to post about politics in this blog, but it is more and more difficult not to say anything. Our President is acting like he is above the law, and he now has an Attorney General who behaves like a personal lawyer to Trump and not the chief law enforcement officer of the United States of America.

It feels very much like a massive constitutional crisis or crises will soon occur, and I fear for our very democracy.

Our first President, George Washington, in his farewell address spoke of both the dangers of not obeying the law and of the perils of political parties:

But the Constitution which at any time exists, until changed by an explicit and authentic act of the whole people, is sacredly obligatory upon all. The very idea of the power and the right of the people to establish government presupposes the…

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8 thoughts on “Of What Is Trump Afraid?

    • Lea, you are absolutely correct. Did you read that Trump said, he deserves a to have his presidency extended because he lost 2 years because of the Mueller report. It will be difficult to make him leave office even if we win the next election. He is going to try and change our constitution.

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      • I’m afraid I was aware of that. None of this surprises me. I’ve long tried to warn people about him. From 1974-1980 I lived in NYC and saw it coming… Actually, being an empath, makes reading people something I do without trying and not everyone can handle that.

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      • Lea, I too, am an empath and I too, knew what Trump was all about for years as well. I lived in North Palm Beach for 10 years when I was visiting friends on Palm Beach, we would drive and boat by Mara Lago. Also, the TV show, The Apprentice, I knew then what a sou-less man he is. I have written four commentaries over the last two years. I think writers, authors, and blogger’s are afraid that they would lose readers and buyers of their books. Thank you, and I just hope there are millions of us that see the terrible danger ahead.

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      • Many see it. Alas, little if anything is being done. Each day I look at the news there, online, while another report claimes to drop the hammer or throw him or his cronies under the bus and nothing changes. I was fortunate enough to get out of there well before this but I still care and what hurts America, hurts the planet. A dear friend back in California refuses to see or hear the news anymore, self preservation, I don’t find myself able to turn my back. Thank you for your wisdom, caring and sharing.

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      • Léa, I think many do see it, but do nothing. They don’t call their Senator or Representative in Congress. Empaths are different, I think, because we know things long before they are visual to other people. Since you are an Empath, you probably are somewhat Psychic too, as I am. Perhaps this unknowingly, helps us to see it much earlier than others. At least, I like to think that is the reason we knew much earlier than many others. I don’t turn my back either, as you can see and that is why I have written over the last two years several similar posts, but not as good as The Historical Role of Writers and Authors in Society. I hope this last one makes a bigger impact. thank you for your wisdom, caring and sharing too. Karen 🙂


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