Comment Oops

Marlene, I love this post, that is straight from the heart. To answer your question: Yes…I have regretted a number of comments for one reason or another (left out a word, a sudden realization that I missed the point of the blog, or it was overly gushing with compliments, even though it comes from my head and heart. I had to reblog. I do love your self expression! I can relate, I was never a child either.


I have a hard time with certain blogs I visit. I also have difficulty with groups I belong to when it comes to discussing childhood activities.

I was never really a child. I sometimes think I was born old in a tiny body. Well, not so tiny, actually. Does 13 pounds qualify as an infant?

Dr. French often asks questions on his blog and I really want to answer. Especially since he has been so kind and encouraging of my continuing to write my drivel. Most of the time I click the like button and disappear. This time, I wrote a comment, copied it to a word document that I keep for unpublished comments and began to delete the comment from his post. I hit send instead. You can read the drivel I left here.

Another blog that makes it hard for me but I usually gush over even…

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15 thoughts on “Comment Oops

  1. Marlene has written an exquisite, real, thoughtful and soulful post that should capture many hearts, mine for sure. It is difficult to reveal personal feelings, past life experiences, and what you think about a variety of subjects. Thank you Marlene for this exceptional post and beautifully written. Karen πŸ™‚

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  2. I just don’t have words to thank you for your kind comment and the re-blog of my post. I’m delighted and amazed. You have touched my heart and I so appreciate that I’m not alone in this. I’m trying to read as many newer to me blogs as I can and get out of my comfort zone. Expanding my bubble so to speak. You are so kind and it’s much appreciated. See, I gush too much too. But I always mean it. Thank you. Marlene

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