The Goddesses Eostre & Vesna; Celebrating Ostara & the Spring Equinox, by Colleen M. Chesebro

Thank you Colleen and I wish all the Sisters of the Fey, a very happy Spring Equinox! Karen 🙂

The Sisters of the Fey

The second celebration on the Pagan Wheel of the Year is the Spring Equinox, also called Ostara, which is named after the Germanic goddess, Eostre, of Norse origin. Her name was also the inspiration for the Christian name, “Easter,” and for the name, “Ostara.”

Eostre is the goddess of springtime and is always represented with blooming flowers. She is often depicted carrying a hare, which symbolized fertility.

Eostre, via

Eostre’s first appearance in primary sources in when the Venerable Bede tells us that April is known as Eostremonath, named for a goddess that the Anglo-Saxons honored in the spring.

I found it interesting that the goddess Eostre doesn’t appear in Germanic mythology. It is thought that she was a Norse deity but she doesn’t show up in the poetic or prose Eddas either. (

It is possible that Eostre was a tribal goddess…

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