A Witch’s Sign









A Witch’s Sign

Ye are welcome here,

All Ye Witches, Wizards, and Sorcerers,

Yet, leave ye magical spells at our door,

Here we serve only frogs, spiders, and toads,

On our table of incantations and spooks.

Once ye pass our door, beware,

For ye might be mistaken for lunch or dinner,

Should ye look too tasty to our clientele,

Of Ogres and Dragons abiding here,

Ye thus enter at ye own risk,

Yet ye shall find a plenty, fun to be had,

Though ye may stay forever.



28 thoughts on “A Witch’s Sign

      • No poems published by me….just liking the one above! (I have poetry…somewhere in my messy office….from long ago, and from when a Yale Younger Poets award winner freaked me out by saying I could be salable…haven’t written couplet since!) I’ll share if I ever find them… 🙂

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      • KC, sorry, but it sounds like you would be a great writer of poetry, prose, and couplets. However, I would love to see a Horror novel written by you. I know it would be great! Karen 🙂

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    • Sue, Yes…I would think so…forever is a very along time. I am so thrilled that you really like A Witch’s Sign. Awesome! I actually did a two different short stories for this prompt, but decided I didn’t like either of them, and then I decided to do write this short poem. I did have fun writing it! Thank you again! Karen 🙂


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