The Dark Side of the Moon





They are gone. All of them. I am alone on this planet. A planet now little more than a dustbin of old dreams of what could have been. They didn’t heed the warnings of what was to come without change.

Perhaps, it would have happened anyway. The change in the atmosphere was a warning, dismissed as fake news, until it wasn’t. The storms grew more violent, the sea raged over embankments, sea levels rose exponentially, displacing millions of families and communities around the planet. Fierce and deadly land wars began, food shortages were everywhere. All signs that something terrible was about to happen.

It started slowly at first. The air began to lose oxygen gas, nitrogen gas, and argon gas. It was replaced with greenhouse gases released from fossil fuels: nitrous oxide, carbon dioxide, and methane. The Atmosphere, Biosphere, and the Geosphere showed overwhelming signs that complete degeneration would soon happen.

The loss of the rain forests, had a big impact as well, by the greedy money hounds, and marked the beginning of the no-point-of-return. The icecaps melted on the north and south poles, causing the oceans to overtake large areas of coastal land, countries lost their eastern and western seaboards completely. The conveyor of the convection belt in the oceans of the world suddenly stopped. The oceans were too cold to be warmed, all life in the ocean ceased to survive the icy environment of the ocean.

No one believed it could happen. With no way to warm the oceans, as the planet’s electromagnetic sources diminished, and the heat that comes from the earth core, 90% fed by radioactive decay, began to diminish as the planet dissimulated, all normal weather changes, ceased to occur.  The planet was to become a snowball. It had happened four times before in the planet’s history when hit, early in it’s development, by asteroids, comets, and space debris  from the big bang billions of years ago.

The last straw was the moon, it could no longer be influenced by the conveyor and thermohaline belt, as it had ceased to be after the icecaps belted, filling the oceans beyond the reach of the moon’s influence and the influence of the planet. My last view of the planet would be the dark side of the moon, as icy snow began to fall, never ending for millions of years.


32 thoughts on “The Dark Side of the Moon

    • Diane, thank you so much. Sometimes, as in Catling’s Bane, ordinary people risk much to help create a better life for the general population. Many writers and authors over the course of time in history, have always reflected the state of our humanity and well-being, by writing stories about human problems and inequities. Thank you! Karen 🙂

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  1. I hate to say this but it doesn’t sound like fiction. Well told story of how it’s all going to end this time around, We never seem to learn or at least not those in a position to make a change. I really wish it was science fiction.

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    • Yes, I wish it was fiction too. We are facing a bell weather situation that is likely probable in the future and not the distant future. However, there is hope, if enough people, especially writers and authors speak to this situation. Karen 🙂

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      • The problem is the people that need to be aware, don’t read or care. I had quite the ‘discussion’ with several family members that are convinced that it’s just a cycle and all will be well. I think there is a half truth in that with much more at play then those minds want to comprehend. It’s exhausting to get those with closed minds to see the full impact of what is happening. Keep writing those wonderful stories, Karen.

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    • Priscilla, I feel the same way, it is disturbing, because it is true, unfortunately. I just hope that more people will wake up to the terrible consequences that might happen if there is no change. Thank you for your comment, greatly appreciated. Karen 🙂


    • H.R.R., thank you so much for your lovely compliment. Very much appreciated. And, yes, our environment does seem to be decaying. So many people just turn a blind eye and deny it is happening, perhaps out of ignorance or fear. Karen 🙂

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  4. Very scary vision of the not so distant future, Karen, and one I share in many ways. In my paranormal romantic suspense series, Romancing the Guardians, fictional prophesies handed down through time from ancient Irish seers predict much of what you laid out in your short story. It seems we have much in common in our view of Earth’s future. Thank you for sharing!

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    • Lyn, thank you for you insightful comment. Yes, we do have much in common. People should listen more to the Irish seers’ predictions. I think by now, because of the obvious changes in weather patterns, it should be obvious to all, but it isn’t. That is what is really scary. Unfortunately, there are Neanderthals that are now in charge and that is the worse thing possible, right along with the human lemmings, that just prefer to fall of a cliff, because they are not capable of making complete thoughts of their own. Those that follow blindly have led to terrible consequences in the past, but the destruction of the earth is not redeemable for the rest of us, who are thinking people. I guess I sound pretty harsh, but it has to be said. Again, thank you so much for your insightful comment. Karen 🙂


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