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Within any story told, a world is created. Even set on Earth, your book needs to show the world around it from the smallest creature to the society and culture of your main characters.

One of the importance aspects of this is culture in your book and how it can enhance your writing.

What elements to think about?

Looking the part

What do your people look like? What kind of clothes do they wear and for what purpose? Aside from the obvious, are clothes worn for warmth or maybe as a way to show social standing?

Become an architect

Where do people live? What do the buildings look like and what are they made of? Where do the rich live compared to the poor?


Civilisations only thrive where they can be sustained. What resources do your people have to even live in the places they do? How do…

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2 thoughts on “Worldbuilding: Culture

  1. dgkaye says:

    Great share Karen! ❤


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