Once Upon a Time….


This beautiful poem by D. Wallace Peach, I believe, is very representative of our latent views as writers, as we view the glaring changes surrounding us, that are not good for humanity, faith, and our way of life. Comments are greatly appreciated. Thank you.

Myths of the Mirror

For Beauty

For all the destruction
The stains of ruin
Watermarks where rain
Rots through faith
For all the desecration of children
Corruption, extinction, and floating garbage
The bombs and bones and torn and aching flesh
For all the wretched jabber of apathy, short memories
Spittle of hatred, tears of living tragedies
Void of tomorrows

There persists
In the shy dreams of the heart
A spark of yearning
For beauty

In response to The Daily Echo’s Thursday #Writephotoprompt. Photo and prompt by Sue Vincent.

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7 thoughts on “For Beauty #Writephoto

  1. Thanks again for sharing, Karen. I’m so glad you enjoyed it and took the message to heart. πŸ™‚ Happy Writing, my friend.

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  2. A beautiful lament to the loss of beauty if we don’t let that spark turn into a flame!


    1. So very true and thank you for your perfect comment! Karen:)

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      1. It’s a pleasure (always!)!


  3. johncoyote says:

    Powerful and worthwhile words shared. I liked your thoughts and I agree.

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    1. John, that poem is so stunning…it actually took me back in time…like an open door. Amazing… and you are a brilliant poet! Karen πŸ™‚

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  4. John, please note…I was referring to your poem, about memories of lost loves,,romance, the beach and passionate kisses. and I will comment again…on the right one. (I have vision problems and i just had eye surgery…please bae with me on the malady. thank you, Karen πŸ™‚


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