Actions of High Schoolers–Historically Frightening

Reblogging this critically important and timely post regarding boys bullying Native Americans. Thank you, Professor French for posting.

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I did not think, that at my age, I would be as shocked or frightened by a news story as I have been recently. Certainly the United States of America has become more coarse and more vulgar over the last few years. Following the pattern of the President, who regularly uses insults to degrade his opponents, many Americans seem to be following his lead.

Worse recently was the incident in which high school boys from a Catholic school, some wearing MAGA hats, confronted and insulted Mr. Nathan Phillips, a Native American of the Omaha Nation and a Vietnam War veteran while he was participating in the Indigenous Peoples’ March. In the video that has gone viral, the boys can be seen confronting and attempting to intimidate Mr. Phillips.

While watching the video, I got chills, not only for the shear ugliness of the racism and bullying behavior but also because…

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7 thoughts on “Actions of High Schoolers–Historically Frightening

    • Diana, I agree with you completely. It is shocking behavior by these Catholic school boys, marching for anti-abortion laws (that they don’t even understand) and wearing brand new MAGA hats, while bullying Native Americans. It made no sense at all and like Charles French wrote, it does remind us of the 1930’s in Hitler’s teen gangs, who were brainwashed to bully, threaten, and hurt others and eventually killed others as they were directed to do. These boys have been directed to hate, to be cruel, and to bully.

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      • What’s happening on the border brings up impressions of Nazism too, in my opinion. There is a willful disregard for human beings/children, and the cruelty, nonchalance, and justification is breathtaking in its ugliness.

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      • Diane, your words speak to exactly what is, and what has happened to these desperate people, and their innocent children, believing they would find safety, a chance for a life without fear. Instead, they entered a hell on earth, stripped of their children, thrown in cages, like animals and who knows what else. Thank you for a wonderful comment! Karen

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  1. As I said on the original posting, how and why it happened are important details for preventing future “misunderstandings”.. but a person’s body language speaks volumes. The young man was clearly smirking, clearly in the veteran’s personal space. There should have been an adult with that group of young men whose job it was to help passionate young people diffuse perceived aggression by other adults who should know better. As a Catholic, I was both appalled and aghast: beyond the behavior issue, just when does a tax-exempt church allow the wearing of political party affiliation?

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