I Stand With The Jewish Community

Please read and remember what has happened to our Jewish friends and neighbors by hate speech for political gain. We never thought it could happen here…but it has. There is one person responsible for this hate crime. We need to vote him and his hateful followers in congress out of office.

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Today we have seen the commission of a horrible act of terrorism and murder committed in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. A shooter opened fire inside a synagogue and killed 11 and injured 6 others. I am not sure if those horrific numbers will increaseโ€“I hope they do not.

It must be said without any doubt that this was an anti-Semitic, racist, bigoted, and fascist act, that also is chillingly reminiscent of acts in Germany during the 1930s. In our current political climate, in which hatred is growing, and in which guns are easily available to anyone, including some people who have no business having them, such horrors occur far too frequently. This was an act of hatred by a racist, an extreme right winger.

People of all political views, at least those who are sane, must oppose these increases in hate. There are no excuses, no justifications, and no political spinsโ€ฆ

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16 thoughts on “I Stand With The Jewish Community

    • Absolutely, people who kill with guns are cowards, unless they are soldiers, but even then, it is better to have a war of words, if war is what they seek. Trump is nothing more than a con man who is mentally unhinged, just like Hitler. But, what does that say about 47% of Americans. Thank you for your great comment.

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      • Yeah, I agree. You are right though. People need to use words more. I do it at work, because some of the people I work with are cowards, they don’t know how to deal with intelligent communication.

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  1. My skin crawls at what is happening … not just in America but here in England. There are no words to describe the way I feel. To imply a simple sentence could suffice; would be a lie. Because, each time I read an article, or hear another report on the radio; about prejudice / hate crimes murders and atrocities, a feeling of such sadness overwhelms me. My thinking was wrong, that this had been educated out in the sixties/seventies. The world to some extent had agreed, the way to have peace was to embrace all cultures, all religions, colour and genda’s. The so called western world, with all its pomp and ceremony, hailed as leaders and thinkers, educators of the common man. We have learned nothing. I believe, we used our hate of Nazi warfare and all that ‘we won’ attitude; as a plaster. It covered the top, but allowed a molecule of disease to regenerate until it returned to brainwash the youth, spread its disease to contaminate and push us backward once more. What hope is there for a humanity that repeats its mistakes, won’t learn; there is only one race, The Human Race.

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    • Ellen, thank you for the most elegant and truest statement about humanity. It is all about fear of scarcity, the prejudice of jealousy, of false superiority, of ignorance, of religious ideology, of pure stupidity, because at our core we are all animals, mitigated by our genetic heritage that goes back 2 million years. We are little better than we were at the beginning of our species presence on earth. But, in the end, we are all One Human Race!

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      • March 2917 I travelled to Poland, I needed to see if the things I knew were as bad as I was taught. To pay homage to a race that was very different from mine … but felt as if part of me. I will never regret or forget. I feel every sodden tissue and each tremble of hand just writing this. My heart breaks for the things I cannot do to alter what is happening.


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