Watching Scary Movies: Horror & the Inference of Blame in Current Events

KC.. another wise and important post, that tells the tale of humanity. Blaming sex movies and horror movies on humans “evil” behavior, is such a cop-out by so many people. From the Cave Man forward, people have done horrible things to other humans, and they had no Horror movies to watch or read, or imagine. And, by the way, Horror movies always, always tell a tale of goodness, how humanity somehow manages to subdue and vanquish the evil scourge that threatens our human sense of what kind of beings we really are! Not generally very good actually, because the meek run off the ledge like lemmings, the bad ones hide their mentally deranged cowardly selves, and the brave stand up and are often martyred, leaving the middle-of-the road rest of us..trying to be better and that works for a while…then the bad ones raise their deranged selves, again, like Trump, when they spot the weak, selfish, jealous, head-in-the-sand lemmings and it starts all over again. So, horror movies are the opposite of what many call “evil”, a way to excuse our human derangement due to anything, but horror movies.

Zombie Salmon (the Horror Continues)

Horror has always been suspect.

What kinds of people watch, write, or put on film and in our minds such awful images? What kinds of people like that sort of thing?

Since it first emerged as its own genre, Horror has been blamed for being the cause or the effect of mental derangement, of moral impropriety and religious slander. Hidden behind the guise of the immaturity of adolescent boys, everyone has intentionally overlooked the real origins and depth of the genre, trading it for gratuitous sex and violence and wielding it like a magic wand to explain the irrational behaviors we have come to embrace as “evil.”

Most recently we had the Slender Man girls. And now we have the Scary Movie-Watching Florida middle school girls who planned to murder smaller classmates in the girl’s restroom…

As a Horror writer, I feel we must brace ourselves for the interrogation of…

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8 thoughts on “Watching Scary Movies: Horror & the Inference of Blame in Current Events

    • Hollie…thank you so much. Just a bit of honesty about human behavior gone deranged. It is important that we realize that human beings are damaged by many things or they are born that way due to many factors. wish people would read more history and stop blaming entertainment as a cause. thank you again! 🙂

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      • Absolutely, Hollie, kids shouldn’t be allowed to play with those violent games nor should they be made for children…the people who make them don’t seem to care or to know how such violence can influence children. I have watched young kids play them and there is no moral imperative, whereas for the most part, In horror movies, there is a moral imperative by the observers, they become brave and save humanity. I really don’t watch horror movies very often. So, I could be wrong.

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    • KC, you are welcome and it was my pleasure! I couldn’t agree with you more. I am livid when it comes to people blaming movies for their behavior…like a kid who turns to another kid and says…I didn’t do it – he did it, and these are adults who do the same thing!

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