A Vessel – Is That What a Woman Is?

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Just thinking…. There are instances where women are dehumanized while simultaneously being held to a higher standard by others and this concept is indicative of impossible expectations placed on women by outside forces. Which means that a woman gains by virtue of what she is to others not by virtue of who she really is.

I was remembering a poem, “Nazareth”, by Rosario Castellanos, in which she confronts the age-old symbol of a vessel as a symbol of what a woman should be:

“A vessel is an object which serves whatever purpose is given to it. A vessel only gains value by being able to successfully hold and maintain that which is put into it. Vessels can also be filled with expectations.  Like all vessels, fragile. Like all vessels, too small for the destiny poured into it”.

Why is it that we expect more from women than men? Why is it when a man shatters a vessel, so many run to his rescue, clean up, and make excuses while we blame women and hold them accountable when they are shattered and offer no such support? I’m just going to leave it at that.

Whoever this young woman is, she is brilliant. In a few words she has stated the plight that woman world-wide have born since the triad of religions that see women only has vessels, inasmuch, to hold them accountable for mankind’s failure to be civilized. 

K. D. Dowdall



18 thoughts on “A Vessel – Is That What a Woman Is?

  1. Wonderfully stated! I was telling my sister today that it’s time for an uprising of women but even so many of them are happy with the status quo because it didn’t happen to them.As long as they live in their comfortable home and their husband continues to financially support them, many will remain silent and non supportive. We are culturally blind to the injustice to women worldwide. Until we all take back our power, this will continue. So many of us are living alone and in poverty rather than continue to be abused. We have so very far to go. Thank you for making the statement.

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    • Marlene, Thank you so much for stating so truthfully what is known, but rarely said. In my opinion, so many girls, in religious circles, have been brought up to believe that women are born inferior to men and without a moral standing – like Eve, Mary Magdalene, and Job’s daughters, among others. What is sad is that boys grow up believing this too. This attitude gives many young men license to conduct their behavior in an aggressive sexual and violent nature.. We are fodder, a vessel only, and inferior and need to be controlled. Whatever human rights we have now, are in jeopardy of being taken away, Again, this is my opinion only.

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    • Roberta, thank you. I remember being so enthralled by the artist work and the words of a woman who wrote about women being vessels. I found both a few years ago and I realized that women have been called vessels in different religious writings and statements. It was meant to be a compliment, and I thought…well, that is a low bar indeed! As women, we have been fighting these caricatures of what women are, since day one. Karen 🙂

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  2. Roberta, thank you so much, and in my opinion, while we still can, all women need to take a stand, for women’s rights before we, in America, lose what hard won rights we have. It can happen and is happening, here and around the world, bit by bit, piece by piece. Karen

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  3. Things will change when women are no longer economically forced to view their security and reputations through the lens of their relationships to men. When we are economically free, we choose who keeps our company. Until then we are vulnerable and it doesn’t matter how many men act honorably if we are in the room with one who does not.

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    • Yes! I saw what my mon went through, being tied to the economics of being married without a career of her own and in any event, women were paid next to nothing, couldn’t get a mortgage with the consent of a husband or father. We were then like property with no choices. But, it can reverse itself, it can go back to what it was, but highly unlikely – women would fight tooth and nail and would win, I think. No matter if there is a Kavanaugh on the supreme court. Men have been embolden by Trump and it is pretty awful.

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