10 Things Writers Don’t Know About The Woods…

Thank you Chris for this great post from Dan Koboldt. Forests are the most diverse of any setting an author can write about. I spent my adolescent years growing up exploring the Forest Preserve that was adjacent to our backyard. Knowing how to write about a forest means learning the complexity of a forest(s).

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To read this interesting and informative article by Author, Bowhunter, and Scientist Dan Koboldt,

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10 thoughts on “10 Things Writers Don’t Know About The Woods…

    • I was intrigued by the title too, and it is good. However, I spent my growing up years in the woods, it was a part of our backyard and there is much more about the “woods” than he described. You write about woods and forests in the most profound way, that reflects the most beautiful aspects of “woods” and forests. Karen

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      • Kim, my childhood past was very similar. Our backyard was a part of a forest preserve. It had lots of Native American Indian history and Colonial history. My cousins and I spent most of our time in the woods and it was wonderful. The very road in front of our house was an Indian path for thousands of years and the river was were they would fish, hunt and live during the salmon run when the rivers were filled with them many centuries ago. We would find lots of Indian and colonial things like broken pottery and other things.

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