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Everything that Jennie does is special. She just as this way of connecting with everyone. Always such a joy!



Jennie Fitzkee

Please help me welcome teacher Jennie Fitzkee to Jemsbooks.blog Interview Segment. Jennie is the first teacher that I have had the pleasure to interview. Jennie is a lovely lady and an exceptional teacher of preschool. I happened upon her fabulous blog and have enjoyed reading about her classroom, students and what she has accomplished with these young children. She is utterly amazing.

Thanks so much, Janice.

My pleasure, Jennie. The stage is all yours.

1. What does a teacher need to do to be successful?
Pay attention to children.  The lesson being taught by you will only be meaningful if children are engaged and interested.  Does that mean the child is more important than the lesson?  Yes, it does.  Let me give you a few examples: A high school history teacher in upstate New York was beginning to teach about the…

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17 thoughts on “Interview with Teacher Jennie Fitzkee!

  1. Teachers are more heroes. They hold the future in there hands. Thanks for sharing

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    1. My pleasure and you are welcome! Yes…teachers are more than heroes and they do hold the future in their hands. Jennie is among the very best teachers, if not the best!

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      1. It’s not an easy profession, they deserve much better than they are receiving here in Florida.

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      2. Yes…my sister, with two master’s degrees in childhood education and special education worked as a special education teacher for 20 years in Florida and spent whatever salary she had on student needs. She even worked at Sunland for severely handicapped children for several years before they closed this facility. Heaven knows what happened to those beautiful babies. It breaks my heart, because I also worked there for a short time, before it closed. thank for caring too. Karen 🙂

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      3. I’m familiar with Sunland. My friend is a teacher and I can’t believe how little person support our teachers get here, so much responsibility and the policy has basically become the teacher is on her own to provide supplies and administration does not want to be involved with any issues. It’s a shame. These are our kids and our tax dollars going in the pocket of policy makers that are not working to better the system to keep high quality teachers.

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      4. You said it..and it is so true. Those people in state and federal government have a plan and that plan is to make pubic schooling a thing of the past, forcing families to find a way (I don’t know how) to get their kids into private schools. That is their plan, across the nation. Kavanaugh is one of them. Many have been groomed since the first year in college. Just like the Secretary of Education Betsy Devos said,”our schools aren’t making any money for the Government. So let’s vote them out of office come November!

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      5. I couldn’t agree more. Beta Devos never attended public school , such a sham. We definitely have to turn this thing around. I hope our milenials will come out in force as well.

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      6. Me too and I hope for a Blue Wave! I think they will because their lives are in the balance and I worry about our democracy with that unhinged man in the white house. I do not mean to be cruel, but he puts our lives in danger every day.

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      7. We will have to save ourselves, our Congress has failed to keep check on this rogue administration out of fear and greed. Hope to see a back lash at the polls.

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      8. I know and they are such sycophants, that it is disgusting to watch. They will regret it.

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      9. I can only hope. I’ve been emailing various senators ( Collins and Mutkowski) re Kavanaugh but I fear they will not have the backbone to withstand the bullying. Have a great day today! 🌸

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      10. I have been calling the senate everyday about Kavanaugh and with plenty of complaints in many areas! I don’t think much will change until after the Midterms. Karen 🙂

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      11. So much is hinging on the midterms. Hoping folks will recognize the significance and get to the polls to turn this debacle around. 😊🌺

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      12. Jennie says:

        😊 That is very kind 😊

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  2. jjspina says:

    Thank you, KD, for the kind re-blog! We definitely need more dedicated teachers like Jenny! 😆

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    1. jj, yes we do and I hope they are out there somewhere! K D 🙂

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      1. jjspina says:

        We can only hope so, Kd. 😆

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