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Trauma and Memories

September 28, 2018

So, thousands upon thousands of young women have experienced this trauma, including me, and few believe or support young women- even a few women who have been brainwashed don’t support other women. Why is this so? Where are the fathers? Where are the ministers? Why are women not believed? I know why, because thousands upon thousands of young men, and older men are not quite human yet, and their savagery is encouraged by fathers and ministers, like the evangelicals (I know them quite well). The truth is, it would mean relinquishing their perceived power given to them by our society of thousands upon thousands of not quite human men because they know, that no harm will come to them, just like now. No harm will come to Kavanaugh, because the Senators, as substitute fathers, have will it to be so. I have empathy for them, because one day they will all face their fates, the world is funny that way.

By Hook Or By Book

Today, much of the United States have been glued to their tv screens, computers, tablets, and smartphones, watching the sickening spectacle of Dr. Christine Blasey Ford and Judge Brett Kavanaugh as they gave emotional testimonies before the Judiciary Committee. After watching Dr. Ford being questioned over 3 hours, I have to say that she was sympathetic and credible. There’s one thing that I wanted to address that the Republicans and Rachel Mitchell, the Republican sex crimes prosecutor who was hired to question both Dr. Ford and Judge Kavanaugh seem to be obsessed with. How is that Dr. Ford can remember in such detail the actual assault, but not other things like the exact date and time of the party, how she got there, and whose house it was. I’m going to share something that I’ve only shared with my husband, that may not provide a full explanation, but maybe put…

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In the late afternoon shadows, by the underlit leaves, near a tree bent by the weight of its own fruit…in the breeze between summer and fall: there, in the crook of a bush by a rock I spied a colored egg overlooked last April, a memory of youth still sealed…

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