The Scottish Highlands – A Short Pictorial

My daughter Leslie Ann just returned from Scotland where she spent ten days in the Highlands of Scotland. She has friends in Scotland and they were her tour guide to rarely seen areas that many tourists never see. Leslie Ann took dozens of beautiful photos of this remote but beautiful landscape. I am including just a very few of her photos.










A beautiful view of rocky brook in a remote area of the Scottish Highlands







A 13th Century Church, were it is said that a part of the body of William Wallace (Braveheart) is buried.













A beautiful view of an ancient sea side Scottish Castle that was a significant part of the last rebellion for Scotland’s hopes for independence.


An ancient bridge built during the time of the Roman conquest of Scotland and England.









A prehistoric path once used by the original inhabitants of Scotland during the Iron Age.               












A seaside beach view of a the ruins of an old castle that was involved the last up rising for Scottish independence.


24 thoughts on “The Scottish Highlands – A Short Pictorial

  1. That is the way to see a place and how I saw Vietnam. I went with a colleague who was from Da Nang. We spent a month but managed to avoid much of what the tourists do.


    • Marlene, my pleasure and it was a vicarious trip for me as well. I haven’t been to Scotland in years. Thank you for your compliment about my header and I like it too. It is just for July, my birthday month and for my Zodiac sign. I am going to do a Zodiac sign for each of the coming months for a day or two and then back to my regular header (I don’t know what that will be yet). Thank you so much. Karen 🙂

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      • It is in our plans. We were going to visit now in August but with the land grabbing issue in South Africa we are now looking at movie to the UK permanently next year so we changed our plans. I am holding thumbs for next year though.


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