‘The sea and the chess game.

What sage words of truth is this vignette poetry, this poetic story hits home for many of us. It is so beautifully written as well. Written by John Castellenas/Coyte


The sea and the chess game

Old Poet set-up the chess game and I opened the bottle of tequila.
The old man had few friends. People see an old man with no-place to go.
They do not sit with him, play a game of chess and know his life.
Writers are seeking of the impossible and we can end-up alone by the sea.
Old men by the sea had learned the true value of life.

He smiled at me and he told me. “My friend Johnnie, so many way to choose your death. Don’t concern yourself with death. Death will come. On a good day when life is too much of a burden. He may take you away to a better place my friend. Now allow me to pour the tequila for you. A good day to drink and play the game of chess.”

The old man poured the tequila…

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