The Beautiful Words, A Poem by K. D. Dowdall

The beautiful words,

That ring so true,

Bring me but dark memories,

From a time and a place,

Best forgotten,

Yet always, just beneath,

The surface of a black night,

Filled with anguish and loss,

Of fear, trepidation, horror,

Not of this world,

Not now, I pray,

but then it crawled

Into being, by what force,

I know not,

They say, nonsense, but it lives,

Somewhere, now,

To come again,

To crush, destroy, all the goodness

The world has ever known.

The pinnacle has arrived,

Once again, we face, the face,

Of evil incarnate, we see it,


but never acknowledge,

What we see,

We feign ignorance,

Deny what we see,

Yet, it creeps to our door,

Seeps under the floor,

The poison of its words,

It lies so beautifully.





12 thoughts on “The Beautiful Words, A Poem by K. D. Dowdall

    • Jennie, thank you so much. I wrote this in 5 minutes from beginning to end. I am horrified by what is going on at our borders – taking little children away from parents who are looking for asylum. They don’t even know where they put some of these more than 1500 little children. They are lost in the system. The parents have no way of knowing where they are. John Kelly said, and I quote, “it is a good deterrent to come to this country.”

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    • Willowdot21, thank so much. I quickly wrote this the other night when I read that migrant/asylum seekers’ children were being torn from the mothers for the sole purpose of discouraging as a deterrent to people wanting to come to the United States. Now, 1500 children are misplaced, some of them are infants, and lost in the system. This is what Hitler did and I fear we are well on our way to becoming a “Personality Authoritarian” country. Karen 🙂


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