#197 – The Tale of the Last of The Tree People

Gregg Savage is an amazing writer of fables and fairy tales for children, however his stories are meant for grown up readers as well. I love his stories that say so much from a child’s point of view and in doing so, Gregg gives us something to learn about life that we may forgotten in the daily rush of living. Just wonderful! https://dailytales.com.au/2018/05/06/197-the-tale-of-the-last-of-the-tree-people

The Daily Tales of Gregg Savage

The Tree People had a reputation for being peaceful. Even the townspeople who did not agree with their lifestyle were the first to admit that The Tree People were not aggressive in any way and that their tree houses were, in fact, quite beautiful. What they did not agree with, however, were the laws stating that any tree already claimed by a tree person or a family of tree people, could not be used in any way whatsoever by the townspeople. In the eyes of the law, a tree where people chose to live was now officially a home and was therefore treated accordingly. This meant entire forests, once worth great fortunes, were now worthless to the builders, carpenters and businesspeople of the town of Greenvale, and this fact filled them with resentment for The Tree People. As in all situations where desires, beliefs and passions collide, a disagreement arose…

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