“The Scream”, Round 2

Jennie is an incredible teacher. She gives her young students the opportunity for self-expression with music, art, and reading out loud. They feel free to express themselves artistically. They never have to feel self-doubt in Jennie’s caring environment and she encourages their self-expressive with love.

visit Jennie’s blog at https://jenniefitzkee.com/2018/04/02/the-scream-round-2

A Teacher's Reflections

Alex liked his painting of “The Scream.”  He called it “The Yeller Who Was Lost”, because he couldn’t remember scream, and he knew the painting had been lost.  Actually, Alex liked the original art by Edvard Munch far more than what he had painted.

I knew it.  While he patiently and passionately worked with small brushes and watercolors from a tube, they weren’t the right tools for what he wanted to paint.  Last week I saw Alex using markers and making orange swirls across the top of the page.  That was a red flag- he still needed to paint this again, his way.

Today I gave Alex big paper, and the right paints and brushes.  He was thrilled!  I also introduced Mozart at Morning Meeting on the record player.  As I played the album, I slowly panned pictures of art for the children.  No words.  Just listening to music and…

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