Hues of life

This is so emotionally touching, the kind of poem that makes one feel the suffering, the struggle to look up and as you so beautiful wrote, ‘let go the darkness, embracing the light, gifted of love and peace.

Peace, Love and Patchouli

Mixed in moments of everyday
we turn to seek the colors of balance,
moving ever forward
we twist and turn in search of the light
rising before us so splendid
we return to the source.
Like water running to the feel of gravity
up, down and around
slipping past the walls that hinder,
finding a way in the time needed
to find the way back to being.
Faces here and then suddenly absent
we ponder the strangeness of change,
and the ghosts of memory surface
we face the truth of our everyday lives,
moving to a higher ground
as the emotion flows into a quiet place
we embrace the little things
and let go the darkness
embracing the light gifted
of love and peace.

I have been absent of late as a very special visitor has been here visiting(Hey Mom)and time has been spent sponging up any available moment to…

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