How Not to Become a Troubled School Shooter







Jennie, what you wrote is so incredible and should hang on every teachers wall and written in stone on every school building! This is everything a child needs to know while in elementary school, high school, and college and it would be nice in the work place too. Perhaps people would not grow up to be mean to their own children by taking out all their pent up anger from not receiving love and kindness from their parents and the cycle goes on…. Why is it that so many religions focus on hell and damnation? They should focus on love, kindness, joy, with lots of hugs and that everyone should be good to each other. Love doesn’t care if you are rich or poor. Hate is a thief, that steals our humanity and creates all fear that is a destroyer of love.

A Teacher's Reflections

Make Friends

Be Kind



Read Books, Together


Know That Crying Lets The Hurt Come Out

Tell Stories, Real and Make Believe

Tell your Mom When You Feel Angry

Say Please and Thank You

Ask For Help

Accept Help

Remember That People Love You

Play Outside

Run, Jump, and Swing Really High

Be a Listener

Know That Scared and Lonely Does Not Feel Good

Remember That a Hug Feels Really Good

Watch the Wonders of Nature and Animals

Love a Dog, Pat a Bunny

Let Ladybugs and Beetles Crawl on You.

Write Your Stories

Draw Pictures and Paint

Sing Loud


Follow the Golden Rule


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