So What is Wrong with America and So Right with Canada?







I asked myself why Canada has no School Shootings, No Concert Shootings, No Church Shootings, and Mall Shootings? Why are they without so much violence in their everyday lives and why does America have 33,000 deaths a year and Canada, all most none. What is the difference?

Canadians have lots of rifles and guns. They do lots of hunting of deer, caribou, quail, sometimes bears, and even wolves.  So why is it we have so much violence everyday in our lives, in every city, town, and community in America. The difference is they have smart, common sense gun laws, they have diversity from every country, they care about their children’s lives, their families and friends. So, what is wrong with America?The Canadians have no weapons of war – no AR 15s, no AK 47s for one thing.

They don’t hate you for the color you are or what religion you are or how much money or power you have. So which country is more democratic: Canada! They also don’t have people dying without healthcare, although the wait line may be longer, kids don’t go hungry, they have good safe schools. So, what is wrong with America?  A lot!

America is a democracy in name only. It has truly become a capitalist society, where the rich get richer, were Citizens United allows huge corporations to own our congress, and the white house. Where people like Trump can ruin everything that our Armed Forces have fought and given their lives for. The reason is we no longer have the following:

“We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.”

We no longer have a Constitution that lives. It died when the lust for money, the pursuit of power and a sickness called greed and the hate of diversity turned our nation into a savage land with the new Motto:


***I would like to thank Debbie Gies for the photo of Canada life, with good gun laws that prevent mass shootings shown upon,  she had it on her Facebook page and now it is here. Thank you Debbie! She is so wise and smart!





27 thoughts on “So What is Wrong with America and So Right with Canada?

  1. Australia’s another really good example. In a relatively short time since they began to have mass shootings, tough gun control laws have virtually ended the threat. It’s gone beyond talking now, this whole gun laws and mass school shootings issues, it is NOW that politicians, those in charge, and especially, everyday people need to take decisive action, make tougher laws, increase funding for mental health. No one needs or should needs gun in public place, at a restaurant, a school, or not locked up securely in their homes. How does a teenager get a gun so easily? Why are teenagers being permitted guns to bring with, I don’t know. All I know is in anything, your rights don’t get to infringe on other people’s right to live. As Dr. Seuss wrote: “Apersons a person no matter how small.”

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    • Mandibelle, yes, Australia is a great example of what to do and do it correctly – they outlawed weapons of war, have strong gun laws and no more mass murders. Simple, isn’t. I am sickened by the NRA and all of our representatives and senators that don’t want strong gun laws, just getting rid of weapons of war would be a good start. Thank you for commenting. Karen

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  2. Felicia, thank you for your comment and yes, we need to vote out the cowards that are bought and paid for by the NRA. We need to get rid of Citizens United that made it possible for the NRA to buy our congressman with millions of dollars. Karen

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  3. As a Canadian, I follow your issues and it makes me so sad. Sickened by it all really. I recently experienced first-hand, the inadequate healthcare issues when an American family member passed away and he had private health insurance. It all makes me so grateful to live where I do and I pray every day that your POTUS is impeached. We’re not perfect but I’m thankful.

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  4. Honestly, this to me is a legal issue. Politics makes no sense. As a Canadian, it seems to me, legalities are where freedom is fought & won, politics hinders more than helps it seems.
    The tragedies of these mass shootings is a heavy weight here to carry, I can only imagine the frustration of it were in the country I lived in.
    We do have violence & prejudice & injustice. Everywhere does. One school my kids go to was in lockdown last week. So, there is fear of something major happening here too. But weapons of war in the hands of the people is just plain stupid & irresponsible.
    I am thankful I live in Canada, because of the laws, not necessarily the politics, and I never take them for granted, these things are fragile and you never know when your rights, freedoms & peace will be robbed from you.
    Hope your country gains some headway in this battle soon. It is heartbreaking even from the outside looking in.

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  5. Karen, I stopped by to catch up on your blogs and saw the image and remembered I posted in on FB. Thanks for sharing and mentioning my name. Yes, I am Canadian but my heart has always felt like home in the U.S. I belong to a few political groups with my American friends and I am a justice fighter. I sign petitions and talk politics a lot so even though I don’t live there, I feel for all of you and am watching the U.S. crumble with sadness in my heart. But don’t despair. Justice will be served. And the next generation, the ones standing up right now, will take back the country. And when all those GOP (Government of Putin) are gone and jailed, the world will once again open their arms to the USA. The world is watching. And they aren’t watching fake news!
    And regarding our healthcare, I’m quite aware that many politicians slam us about healthcare not being great, of course it’s great. The country doesn’t profit on people’s health. There are no kickbacks to big pharma and insurance companies. We pay in our taxes and it works fine. Waiting is only for elective surgeries. The system works, don’t let anyone else tell you different – especially the politicians. All the first world countries have universal healthcare. 🙂

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    • Debbie, thank you for this wonderful comment! I agree with you completely. I always feel more at home in Canada. There is a psychological study, recently, about the different brain functions of conservative people vs. liberal people. Conservatives are fearful, angry, have far less compassion for others, see poor people as lazy, don’t like others who are different, whereas liberals have open arms, not fearful, seek equality, compassion for others rich or poor, and love diversity. They are welcoming and see the world from a much kinder view. Believe in universal healthcare. Yes, at the moment, GOP does embrace Government by Putin. They know it is the only way for them to win an election, that is one reason why Trump wont stop the Russians. Thank you, again! Karen 🙂

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  6. What Canada does not have that the U.S. does is a sense of entitlement. EVERY one of these shootings has come from people who believe that someone somewhere has CHEATED them out of what they were “promised”…. we did not used to be like this. We need to get back to understanding that NOTHING in life is promised. Ever. And it is our own darn responsibility to make something of ourselves, our own failure when we are unable to achieve our dreams. It’s why dreamers never give up…and those who never give up don’t stop dreaming…

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    • So true, KC! Although, I do believe in universal healthcare for all and social security – because I have paid into since I started working at 16 years old. As an RN, I have volunteered for the American Red Cross, worked at Veterans Hospitals and saw what has happened to young men and women after they have comeback so damaged emotionally and physically from the war. They are forgotten by our government. Few mental health care centers, few out-care centers and they can’t get a job because they have PTSD and many of their families can’t cope with them. I have worked as a volunteer at St. Jude Research hospital for critically ill children, cared for abused children and teens. Severely abused children do not recover from horrible abuse without psychological help and that is so neglected in our society with most mental health hospitals defunct. Most of us who are relatively mentally and physically whole, work hard and make our way in the world, yet many children, damaged humans, grow up to be “Lazy” but in actuality, most are so lost, unloved, and damaged. I care so much for these damaged humans who can’t make it in the world. I have seen too much to feel any differently. A little care and love can do so much. Money only goes so far, what they need is care and love. Karen 🙂

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