The Old Lie

If bloggers read this, please note, if you have an AR 15, you are not a “A well-regulated militia” by the United States of America as it states in our constitution. So, that means you should not have a weapon of war.

charles french words reading and writing

Please, in the name of the victims of the most recent school shooting in Parkland, Florida, let us begin to do something to change the national insanity of gun deaths.

Stop with the old lie — “guns don’t kill people, people kill people.” It is illogical, fallacious, wrong, and stupid. Guns are weapons and are designed to expel bullets that are intended to kill. That is their purpose. That is why they exist.

Guns kill people.

Guns are not used to make paintings; they are not used to drive screws into wood; they are not made to make omelets; they are not created to write letters; and they are not aimed at making sculptures.

Guns are made to kill. That is their purpose.

The United States has a history of gun ownership based on the 2nd Amendment. As  I would say to my students, please do a close reading, parse…

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11 thoughts on “The Old Lie

  1. Professor French, thank you so much for stating the correct reading in our Constitution. Thank you for informing individuals who have not read our Constitution, and now they know. Someone should inform the President, I believe he has problems reading, thinking, and allows the 30 million dollars given to him by NRA lobbyists to cloud what thoughts he does have. Thank you again!


  2. Thanks for sharing, Karen. I’m listening to the news this morning and Trump suggesting the answer is more guns. The US should feel ashamed for choosing over and over again not to protect its children. It makes me so sad that this tragedy seems to go on and on.

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    • Yes, D. it is so stupid. I was a military brat and married into the Air Force and vets are so against this because the know how ridiculous this suggestion is. Remember Reagan? He had sharpshooters with him and they couldn’t save him from being shot..what is a teacher going to do with a weapon of war walking in the door. It is like suggesting that all airline passengers carry a concealed weapon on a plane, a train, a movie theater, a concert, in church – can you imagine? I am beginning to think that the NRA is akin to almost being a terrorist group. Why else would they champion weapons of war so the crazies will buy them and kill multiple people at one time. It makes no sense, except money of course. Thank you for commenting D. Karen 🙂

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    • Yes, and the change will be us, in the voting booth, all of us standing up for the Tranquility and pursuit of happiness and a safe place to live promised to us in our Constitution! Militia means military and that is where all weapons of war need be. We are the Change we Seek! My motto! Karen 🙂

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