Thank you for this great post. It is so interesting to see how other authors write their books. When I was writing my first book, I had the first sentence and the last sentence of story. It worked very well, because I had a beginning and an ending, so no problem, and I love this book. I feel I write intuitively and I think every author has their own muse, style, and concept.  In addition,  some writers are process oriented and some are “fly by the seat of their pants”.  https://writingyourfirstnovelblog.com/2018/02/06/outline


Writing your first novel-Things you should know

Organize-Your-ThoughtsWhen you write, do you have an outline? Do you know where you’re going, or do you wander aimlessly? Maybe you do a little of both.

I don’t use a formal outline that follows each step in detail, but I do use a story arc that pinpoints the beginning, some detours I intend to make along the way, and the end. I allow flexibility, to incorporate new ideas that arise during the writing process.

However, it is possible to allow too much flexibility. In my case, I allowed one of the main characters to take charge. My story went to places that it should have never ventured. As crazy as that sounds, it happens. You start writing and you find that instead of your character following you, you are following your character.

It’s fun and exciting at first, until you find yourself backed into a corner. That’s when you realize…

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2 thoughts on “Outline?

  1. I sooo wander aimlessly…It usually works itself out, but I admit, there are times when such meanderings wind up in an unholy, tangled mess….when that happens revision is a nightmare and I find I often loose the thread of where I was heading. That is how perfectly innocent drafts get consigned to the unfinished folders of my hard drive!


    • KC…Your writing is so perfect. It is like Wow – this woman can write!! It is amazing. The subjects you choose to write about are always exciting and I always learn to much. You could be a journalistic professor and teach people how to write for publications. What a skill and a gift that you have and I am sure it takes lots of practice, research, details, and then turn it into something extraordinary. Thank you so much, KC.


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