In a Distracted World, Solitude Is a Competitive Advantage

In time of great upheaval, sometimes solitude is really important, especially or writers.

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Technology has undoubtedly ushered in progress in a myriad of ways. But this same force has also led to work environments that inundate people with a relentless stream of emails, meetings, and distractions. A significant volume of research has outlined the problem with this onslaught of information: Studies show that when we’re constantly distracted, performance decreases. Having the discipline to step back from the noise of the world is essential. To stay focused at work, build periods of solitude into your schedule, as you would for a meeting or an appointment. Use some of that time to reflect on your top priorities. Don’t fill your schedule with so many commitments that you consistently prioritize urgent tasks over important ones. Starve your distractions by logging out of social media accounts and blocking certain websites during work hours. Finally, create a “stop doing” list to help provide clarity on…

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4 thoughts on “In a Distracted World, Solitude Is a Competitive Advantage

  1. And this may be one of the Big Pluses to not-being-a-famous-writer…There is no one to break our peace or tell us we should stick to the formula of a previous success! Anonymity is freedom! Thank God I am unknown…I think.


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