The moments pass,

One by one,

From dawn to dusk,

Bursting into life,

Light as air,


We sense their passing,

Like a shooting star,

A moment,

Across the sky,


Let us give,

To the moments,

What they deserve,

For theirs,

Is the strength of time,


For a moment in time,

Is a treasure,

Worth more,

Than the passing of a year,


I ask you then,

For precious moments,

We keep,

And care not,

For the dwindling years.


By K. D. Dowdall




23 thoughts on “Moments

  1. Hi Robbie, yes, the last stanza is sad, in a way, but true. I was thinking about the moments of our lives as we age, and what we remember. Sometimes, it is the ordinary days and other times it is true love and lost. Other times, it may be the most beautiful day – a birth of child, a marriage, even a death where all has been forgiven. Saying goodbye is the most difficult moment, but it has great beauty too. A life well lived as many beautiful moments. Poetry is about days and nights and memories. Thank you, Robbie, for your lovely comment. Karen 🙂


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