A Good Review is Hard to Find – Part 2

Part 2 of A Good Review is Hard to Find reveals the truth about who decides whether a book is good or not and I agree. This is a great overall depiction of the importance of getting critiques and reviews prior to publication of a book.



Liz Leighton Writing Adventures

Who decides if a book is good? I’ll give you 3 guesses and the first two don’t count. I’m certain you don’t need 3 guesses. Just in case you’re exhausted, running a high fever and the walls are talking to you, or you just woke up from surgery and you’re still groggy from the anesthesia, I’ll go ahead and say it very clearly. The readers. The readers ultimately make that decision.

You can write that first book that you think is great. You can market the hell out of it. You can learn all the tricks to get that book to top ranking on Amazon and you can even use all the ways to manipulate that book to the NYT Bestseller list. In the end, if readers that love the genre(s) of your book don’t like your book, that may be the only one you ever sell.

What does any of…

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9 thoughts on “A Good Review is Hard to Find – Part 2

    • KC, I just noticed it is for Horror writers and associated genres, but I am a fantasy writer. However, I can read it anyway. My new series is, The White Witch Chronicles, good witches, danger, time travel, and spells. But, there is is a very wicked alchemist. Karen 🙂


      • We are small enough to be flexible, so if you do write any dark fantasy, for example, you can join for that…just follow the sign up instructions to do so, and I will include you in on the group. We have revised membership somewhat to require 3 submissions and 3 critiques annually. We take whole stories or excerpts for critique. The more writers who participate the more fluid we can become, and all writers of the dark are welcome!


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