Mystery and Romance

Thank you, Kathy Lauren for a great review of the Stone Arch Secret! I am so honored that you liked my story so much! K. D. Dowdall

Kathy Lauren Miller

61Fm3KJ+8kL__SY346_The Stone Arch Secret by K.D. Dowdall is a mystery-thriller that engages the reader from the first page to the last.

With the untimely death of her dear cousin, Dax, Lily travels back to her childhood home, a place that continues to haunt her dreams. Lily grew up in the beautiful farming community of Salmon Brook, Connecticut. But during one Indian summer when she and her young cousin Dax trekked through the woods, something horrible happened. Something so traumatic it caused Dax to fall into a coma from which he never awakened. Lily recovered, but had no memory of the incident, yet she is haunted by half remember dreams that wake her with a pounding heart and terrible fears.

After Dax’s funeral, Lily encounters the town’s handsome librarian, Noah, a boy she remembers from her school days. They are instantly attracted to each other, but Noah has secrets of his…

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5 thoughts on “Mystery and Romance

  1. Kathy Lauren, I am so honored that you liked by book. I have read two of your books, The Girl in Black and The Starling, both are excellent and evocative stories. 5 Stars! thank you, K. D. Dowdall 🙂


    • Thank you D. and I was meaning to ask you a question about what you wrote regarding that you once lived in the same area as The Stone Arch Secret story in the Old Section of E. Granby called Salmon Brook, Est. 1680, Connecticut? That would be remarkable, because I grew up there until I was 13. I loved it and all my memories are there. All of my books are based in Salmon Brook. I have some kind of phenomenal connection to that area that I don’t understand myself. Karen 🙂

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      • I lived in Farmington for a number of years, so not Salmon Brook, but I know the area and some of the references. I’m reading a book now that takes place in the same small town where my uncle and aunt live in FL. Too funny!


      • Wow. That is strange. I am familiar with Farmington too. We lived there when I was a baby, but It is very much like Salmon Brook with similar colonial history and landscape – so pastoral in appearance. I love that area. Karen 🙂

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