I reblogged this interesting post about long distance relationships that are unique and they tend to develop strong bonds. A long distance relationship means that two people can connect in a very meaningful way and really get to know their souls and their relationship. They become more romantically involved in an intense soulful way as they share their innermost feelings and become the very best of friends as well as soulful companions, whether they ever meet personally or not. It is a friendship bond that may last a lifetime.

Hidden Inside

Starting from my fantasy

I always wanted a true and honest relationship. Whenever I looked at some couples I was very jealous. I always wanted the”movie wala pyaar” hindi movie’s love story. I always loved that when hero protects his heroine. Sometimes I also cried while watching those kinda movies.

So i used to pray to god that give my prince charming too. So one day i think god listened to me and he gave me my love, my life.

We are so much in love with each other. He is a type of guy I always wanted, the most sensitive, caring, great supporter, loving, honest. He respects my parents too and give them equal preference like his own ones. But he is very introvert also.

So god wanted to play with me so he put me up in a situation of long distance relationship.

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3 thoughts on “This is LOVE- MY LOVE

  1. You got me thinking about all these “relationships” entered into here and elsewhere on social media. My posts oscillate between the silly to the profound, and, I would think, reading them might give some insight into who I really am. And the same can be said for other social posters. These, in concert with the sometimes expository comment exchanges that occur, enhance this theory.
    So, although not romantic, these long-distance associate relationships can be quite fulfilling it would seem. A half-dozen, or more, deep distant friendships, with people you may never meet, nor ever really know — yet on some alternate level — you do know them, sounds like love at a distance.
    Your thoughts?


    • Anony, I do think that strong relationships can be developed online, between people with like interests. Often writers and bloggers don’t have anyone else to share their heart felt thoughts on writing, world events, and loneliness too. It opens a world of discovery to both individuals or even a group of people and they become fast friends. Sometimes, even love relationships that lead somewhere or nowhere, except online. Often they just remain the best and closest of friends. and love, absolutely. Thank you for commenting with such an important comment, and I hope you have or will have found a friend that can bond in friendship or love, for a lifetime. Karen 🙂

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