Once Upon a Time….


A Promise In Snow PUBLISHED ON December 14, 2017 On my lashes sparkling crystals Snow falling sweet as kisses Soft as whispers White laden boughs bending low Caressing winds brush to and fro Like a lover’s touch Pristine paths awash in white With a promise ever so bright     SHARE THIS:

Whilst we sleep, and the snow falls deep, Snow fairies alight, to watch through the night, As boughs of ice and snow, fall heavy, upon our roofs. With a twinkle in their eyes, and a snap of their fingers, They light a fire aglow, blazing in our hearths. Thus, do they keep us warm and …

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A new novel, by M. C. Tuggle, The Genie Hunt, is so engaging that I could not put it down. I continued reading it until the end, without stopping.  It is not often that I want to reread a novel that I just finished reading. It is that good.  It is a rather unique story …

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