J.K. Rowling on Writing

J. K, Rowling so very creative and original with her writing and yes, the more transporters the merrier! Thank you for a great reminder, Charles, of what writing and reading does for the soul, the heart, and for the joy it brings to the writer and the reader! K D.

charles french words reading and writing



“Read as much as you possibly can. Nothing will help you as much as reading.”

“There’s no formula.”

“There’s always room for a story that can transport people to another place.”

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K DeMers Dowdall

Karen DeMers Dowdall was born in West Hartford, Connecticut. She has lived in Taiwan, Saudi Arabia, and England. Karen has a PhD, MSN, BSN, RN in Nursing from Florida Atlantic University. “Books of every genre teach us about life, how we think, and view the world." She has written poems and little short stories since she was a child. Karen loves art, she enjoys drawing, painting in oils, pastels, colored pencils, and doing portraiture. She has also taken ballet, Jazz, and modern dance since she was three years old and owned her own dance studio.

7 thoughts on “J.K. Rowling on Writing

  1. Reading has been the fodder of my life covering categories I totally did not understand to how to change a diaper (for five children). I’m not sure what I kept from the ones that didn’t make sense, but it added a sense of determination to finish what I started. (fodder: 1-food for livestock; 2- raw material for artistic creations; 3-masses of people considered raw material for the achievement of a specific cause.) I prefer #2 but tolerate #3 occasionally.)
    NOTE: our language is so democratic!


    1. Thanks! Glad you liked it. My first poem was unique. I cut the letters out of a Sears Roebuck Catalog and made beautiful sentences. The only problem is no one could read it, so I read it to them, but it seemed strange to me that such big people couldn’t read!
      Have a good day!

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