Meeting our Sergeant Pen-Pal, At Last

This means so much to children and to your pen pal, words are not enough to say how very transforming and meaningful it can be for both. Thank you, Jennie for sharing this endearing and very special occasion.

A Teacher's Reflections

Our pen-pal returned home from Afghanistan!

It was quite a reunion.  After many months of corresponding with each other- sending giant letters, pictures, drawings, and care packages- Sergeant Curran walked into my classroom to meet the children.  They were so quiet at first. Perhaps it was the uniform.  Or maybe it was simply the moment; a dream that became a reality.  I was choked up.  A big hug broke the ice and Sergeant Curran joined the group of children to shake hands and give hugs.  We asked him so many questions!  Then, we presented him with a copy of his favorite childhood book, Mr. Gumpy’s Outing, signed by all the children.  We then asked him to read the book aloud.

Now, that was wonderful!

It got better and better.

There’s nothing quite like singing a patriotic song, especially to a member of our military in uniform.  We sang “Red…

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