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I really found this post exceptional in every way. We have to understand that while some readers love a particular author’s book, other may dislike it intensely.
A wonderful, insightful post, that I believe explains a lot; make sure the title of a novel reflects the content of your novel and that even the antagonist must have one redeeming quality. 


Didi Oviatt

If you were to take three people and put them all in the same room, and then give them all the exact same book to read; then I’d imagine the results would go something like this:

imagesPerson #1 (we’ll call her Betty) will dive right in. She’ll be sitting up straight with eyes wide, and slightly moving her lips in excitement while she reads. Betty will occasionally bounce her knee as she tries to contain the building energy, and then at the end of the book her lip will turn up in a satisfied smirk. After nodding her head in agreement with the way the plot line unfolded, Betty will sit back, fold her arms, and recall her favorite parts of the book. Patiently, she’ll wait for the other two slow pokes in the room to finish up.

Person #2 (She’ll be Joan) will sink into the seat provided, wiggling at the waist and shrugging her shoulders until her body is completely relaxed.  She really only came…

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Another awesome poem that is so much more than a poem – it is like a treatise of faith in human rights and how to get there and make it happen. Fantastic


A collaboration among all nations

not based upon dissemination

but a collective unification,

to bring the world into assimilation

to reduce wars and the disintegration

of humanity through privation,

and save us all from annihilation

this should be a common sense realisation,

as we hit back with an intellectual retaliation

to reduce down the demoralization,

and put a stop demonisation of any race,

through the divisive tribalisation

and all the problems and tribulations,

that leave this world in isolation

through toxic hate and violation,

of peoples rights given by creation.

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Why Autographed Novels Put Bookstores in Danger

I found this intriguing post to be eye-opening and I found myself weighting the pros and cons of this kind of litigation against independent bookstore owners. What do WordPress bloggers think? K D

Kristen Twardowski

Book Passage is a quirky little bookstore situated in the Bay Area of California. Sure, it sells books, but it also does so much more. Every year the shop hosts over 700 author events. During these events, authors often sign books, and if any signed books remain after the crowds have thinned, Book Passage sells copies in the store. Because the shop wants to keep these items accessible to everyone, they sell autographed copies for the same amount of money as the mundane editions to books.

This practice is a wonderful one, but Book Passage may soon have to stop selling autographed books all together.

640px-Bookstore_Display_for_Gavrilo_Princip_-_Assassin_of_Archduke_Ferdinand_(1914)_-_Belgrade_-_Serbia_(15194901854) Image via Wikimedia, Adam Jones, “Bookstore Display for Gavrilo Princip – Assassin of Archduke Ferdinand (1914) Belgrade, Serbia, 17 November 2014.

Late last week I saw a troubling press release put out for the Book Passage by the legal group the Pacific Legal Foundation. On…

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INDI-AUTHORS UNITE. Leave a link and find a read! Open book swap!

Indie Authors, share a link to one of your novels or to a really great book you love and then follow Didi’s instructions and come back tomorrow when there is lots of books to choose from! Let’s give Indie Authors a Chance to shine!

Didi Oviatt

I’ve noticed a slight lack in support as of late. There is a lot of talking and not much reviewing of each others Indi books!

So, I’ve decided to do this a couple times a month.  Leave an order link in the comments with your work, THEN come back tomorrow when there’s a variety to choose from, and PICK ONE TO READ! Please only share if you plan on reading another.  

This isn’t only a promote yourself post, but a show your support for another amazing authors! Please share share share!!   I’m talking share you links, share this post, and lets share our thoughts on each others work!

It’s time to pay it forward fellow Indi’s.  Lets read others just as much as we promote our own 🙂 ..  I can’t wait to see all of your books!!



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IF I GO – A new novel by K. D. Dowdall August 2017





“A death in the family finds 32 years-old anthropologist, Lilly Allaire, returning to her hometown to solve a deadly mystery that has haunted her since childhood.”

Lilly Allaire returns to her hometown after the unexplained death of her cousin, Dax. Both suffered a traumatic psychogenic event as teens that left them with no memory of the event. Lilly is determined to solve the mystery with her childhood friend, Noah. She falls in love with him, but she is suspicious of his past. Was he somehow evolved and is her life at risk?









THE GIRL IN BLACK by Kathy Lauren Miller – A REVIEW

“The Girl in Black” by Kathy Lauren Miller is a hauntingly taut murder mystery as well as an awesome page-turner! The mystery begins with high school senior, Kate Mckenna who happens to live in an old Victorian manor that is also the Mckenna Memorial Funeral Home. Her father, Dr. Brendan Mckenna, happens to be the county’s Chief Medical Examiner. Shy Kate, whose social life as always been nearly non-existent until she is thrust into the limelight when the promiscuous prom queen, Ashley is found tortured and murdered.

Accusations run rampant in Kate’s High School concerning several male students that were involved with Ashley. To make matters worse, Ashley’s remains now reside at the funeral home where Kate lives. Kate and her best friend Cooper, a computer nerd, and Kate’s unattainable heartthrob, handsome Shane, all become involved in Ashley’s murder. Suddenly, Kate finds herself in the cross hairs of the sadistic killer and the vengeful ghost of Ashley, the murdered prom queen. What happens next is beyond Kate’s worse nightmare. The Girl in Black is a fascinating and terrifying murder mystery that will keep you guessing until the end. I highly recommend this book. (less)

Review: Garrett’s Bones, by K. D. Dowdell 4 of 5 stars

Didi Oviatt is a premier book reviewer, blogger, and author. I thank her for taking a chance with a totally unknown author like me. Didi’s astute, in-depth, and beautifully written review, shows her ability to reveal expertly, the shaft from the grain of a written work with great clarity, insight and care. K D Dowdall

Didi Oviatt


Anna and Garrett, the main characters in Garrett’s Bones, live far from ordinary teenage lives. As best friends, they’re adventurous and in many ways completely fearless in the face of danger. Their characters are very well written and developed. Also, I’ve really got to hand it to K. D. Dowdall in her ability to draw such a beautiful picture in setting. She is able to tie such a wide variety of commendable characteristics together, and she does it seemingly effortlessly. Garrett’s Bones is overflowing with rich culture of past and present, along with absolutely gorgeous wooded areas. The scenery in this book is to die for! Beautiful! This isn’t your average haunted forest story. It’s unique and completely different from anything I’ve ever read.

When a young girl goes missing, Anna and Garrett find themselves on a quest to find her. Being familiar with the forest grounds as…

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A Brief Overview of the Publishing Process (If You Want To Try Traditional Publishing)

I just had to reblog this very informative post by Ruth Ann Nordin; it is an eye-opener to anyone considering traditional publishing.

Humanitarian love






I love this poem. It says everything that is important for humanity. via


Love for one,

And love for all,

Let it be unconditional,

Let it loose and let it thrive

Let it come from heart and mind,

Keep the heart and mind always open,

Welcome in the light for all,

Reject hate and turn away from judgement,

Be benevolent in all you say and do,

For we are one and we are united

The love for all humanity is our call.

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