Who Is Normal?

Seeing the person and not the disability as John writes is something some people do naturally, without thought and because people like John and many us of writers on WordPress, it is important to spread the word that there is really no label to be given called “Normal”. My twin sister and I have been working with disabled children and adults since we were teenagers. My sister is has spent her life as a teacher for severely, profoundly disabled children. Normal is a word that is foreign to me and I applaud John for his insights and understanding. I know the word normal is foreign to him too regarding physical and mental disabilities. via: https://johnkraft.wordpress.com/2017/05/30/who-is-normal/v

Down the Hall on Your Left

EVERY ONCE IN AWHILE I AM ASKED TO GIVE SHORT SPEECHES or presentations to civic groups or service organizations. I’ve done a few things for the likes of Kiwanis and businesses. Lately I have been asked to speak before an organization that serves citizens with special needs.

A couple of months ago I went downtown and spoke before both clients and staff of this same outfit about the value of writing down their own personal stories.

I said to them that, “No matter who you are you are a special and unique individual and you have a story worth telling.” I spoke to them about how to write down their stories and how, in doing so, they would be able to both learn and to teach. They would learn more about themselves and they would teach everyone else about their uniqueness, challenges, and gifts that they have to offer to…

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3 thoughts on “Who Is Normal?

  1. Bravo, Karen! When I read this, I jumped like a jack rabbit. John wrote what I teach. If all my students could turn out to be like John, that would be the Holy Grail.


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