Review: Garrett’s Bones, by K. D. Dowdell 4 of 5 stars

Didi Oviatt is a premier book reviewer, blogger, and author. I thank her for taking a chance with a totally unknown author like me. Didi’s astute, in-depth, and beautifully written review, shows her ability to reveal expertly, the shaft from the grain of a written work with great clarity, insight and care. K D Dowdall

Didi Oviatt -Author


Anna and Garrett, the main characters in Garrett’s Bones, live far from ordinary teenage lives. As best friends, they’re adventurous and in many ways completely fearless in the face of danger. Their characters are very well written and developed. Also, I’ve really got to hand it to K. D. Dowdall in her ability to draw such a beautiful picture in setting. She is able to tie such a wide variety of commendable characteristics together, and she does it seemingly effortlessly. Garrett’s Bones is overflowing with rich culture of past and present, along with absolutely gorgeous wooded areas. The scenery in this book is to die for! Beautiful! This isn’t your average haunted forest story. It’s unique and completely different from anything I’ve ever read.

When a young girl goes missing, Anna and Garrett find themselves on a quest to find her. Being familiar with the forest grounds as…

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10 thoughts on “Review: Garrett’s Bones, by K. D. Dowdell 4 of 5 stars

    • Hi, WL, Yes, and am so thrilled and I just think that Didi is everything I said she is – amazing reviewer and author! Thank you for commenting. As an author yourself, you know how much it means! 🙂 Karen

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    • Jennie, so kind of you, and thank so very much! Karen Anna – I know, Karen Anne sounds much better, but I was thinking about my grandmother that day when I commented using my middle name with my given name, because I never use my middle name or my maiden name and just thought I would for my grandmother named Anna Lee Hall. I miss her so much. K D 🙂

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  1. That is so beautiful. I miss my grandmother (Nan), too. Today out of the blue my granddaughter called just to say Hi Grammy. I am now to her what Nan was to me. So, thank you, Karen Anna. If you ever want to be just Karen, let me know. 🙂


  2. Oh…Jennie, that is so lovely. I think we are lucky because we had grandmas that we loved and that they loved us. So many kids that I know, don’t have that kind of relationship for many reason – none of there own making. My grandma was 98 years old when she passed away and she and I were so close for all the years. she taught me how to sew, cook, go fishing together and all our talks with my mom around the kitchen table. My grandmother grew up on a farm and she told so many interesting stories of how it was in the old days. How she met my grandfather and so many things. I imagine your grandmother told you stories of the past too. Thank you my friend, Karen 🙂


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